La Più Versatile


Due to her multicultural and theatrical background, Nicky’s voice and experience is well suited for companies with a global reach. Whether it's an advertising campaign, an e-learning course,corporate narrations, testimonial videos or documentaries, Nicky can do it in Spanish, English, or Italian.








Title: Preparándose para la Cirugía de Su Niño
Client: Texas Children's Hospital


Promotional video in English

Title: Grey Away Rewind

Client: Everpro

Spanish Commercial

Title: The Color of Purple

Client: CareSource

Producer:Dalton Agency

Italian accented narration

Title: Alfa Romeo Giulia

Client: Nyle Maxwell Fiat- Alfa Romeo

Spanish Narration

Title: Mighty Mini-Peppers

Client: Wilson Produce

Producer: Wienot Films


Demo reel Bilingual

Demo reel Hispanic and German accents