I started my career when I was eleven years old with the musical comedy Gipsy in Mexico City. Since then, I have followed an artistic career that has taken me to different parts of the world; whether it’s on stage, television shows, film or working with my voice narrating for commercials, documentaries, videos, E-Learning, IVR systems or medical narrations. My ability with languages has opened job opportunities and I have a home studio where I record different types of projects for companies in several industries. I am very lucky to be working in something that I am this passionate about!


One of my specialties is bringing a dramatic touch to testimonial narrations, like the one I recorded for a Christian Youth center in Mongolia or the description of a day in the life of a girl with HS, an incurable disease. I also had the very gratifying experience of reading for the blind at "Sight into Sound" for two years, where I narrated the weekly show “Latin World”. These are projects that bring awareness of difficult situations and I really enjoy the creative process and emotional involvement that is required to bring truth and sincerity to this type of narration. 
My voice is also very well suited for documentaries, examples of this type of reading are the audio tour I recorded for the Houston Fine Arts Museum or the video narration for the luxury hotel Gaste Haus Mussmann in Germany.