Nice Words




Nicky is a delight to work with in every way. Professional, timely, available, and with a great voice. What sets her apart is her eagerness to participate in helping with the fine tuning of script copy, as well as her amazing natural sense for delivery tone and inflection. For non-English spots, she is superb at translation from English, including adjusting copy to fit the correct culture and phrasing of different languages. (We use her for Spanish and she makes our lives so much easier!). I highly recommend Nicky and look forward to working with her again soon.
— Steve Howard, Sr. VP creative director, Hybrid Advertising

Nicky was very professional to work with. She also provided faster-than-expected turnaround on several last-minute script changes. I’d definitely use her again.
— Dwain Smart, Associate Creative Director, Hanna & Associates


Nicky was a consummate professional, even providing thoughts on the Spanish translation as we read through it together with the client. Her delivery was quick and the tracks were clean without any issues that needed to be fixed in post. And best of all, listening to her voice was easy on the ears. We’d gladly work with her again in the future.
— Marc Strong Creative Director, Wienot Films